CH Mohammed Koya
Panakkad Sayyid Hyder Ali Shihab Thangal
CH Mohammed Koya
Jb.P.K. Kunhalikutti
( Minister for Industries and Information Technology , Govt. Of Kerala )
CH Mohammed Koya
Sayyid Basheer Ali Shihab Thangal
CH Mohammed Koya
P.K. Abdu Rabb
( Minister for Education, Govt. Of Kerala )
CH Mohammed Koya
Jb. Nalakath Soopy
( Ex-Minister )
CH Mohammed Koya
Jb. V.P. Thrimathy
CH Mohammed Koya
Jb. P.K. Mohammed Basheer ( MLA )
CH Mohammed Koya
C.P. Mohammed Kutty
CH Mohammed Koya
Jb. K. Mohammed Unni Haji
( M.L.A )
CH Mohammed Koya
Jb. Varikkodan Abu Haji
  • Jb. Ahammed a/s. Bappu
  • Jb.P.K. Moosa a/s Bappu
  • Jb. K.P.A. Majeed Ex.M.L.A
  • Jb. E.T. Mohammed Basheer ( M.P )
  • Jb. M.P.M. Ihsaque Kurikkal (Ex. M.L.A)
  • Jb. Pazheri Mohammed Haji
  • Jb. K.P.S. Kunhava Thangal
  • Jb. Mohammed Haji Kadkkottiri
  • Prof. Aboobacker K.M
  • Dr.Mohammed Rafeequ A.P.M
Sl No. Name and Designation Position
1 Dr.Muhammed Rafeeq. A.P.M, Principal President
2 Mr. Mohammed Palengara, HOD, Department of Mathematics Secretary
3 Dr.M P Abdulla HOD, Postgraduate Department of Economics Member
4 Mr. Muhammed Ashraf M,HOD, Postgraduate Department of Commerce Member
5 Mr. Roy P. P, HOD, Postgraduate Department of English Member
6 Dr. Krishnakumar. K ,HOD, Department of Biochemistry) Member
7 Mr. Riyadh.A.M HOD, Department of Computer Science Member
8 Ms. Jisha.P.J ,HOD, Postgraduate Department of Microbiology Member
9 Mr.Jafar Odakkal HOD, Postgraduate Department of History and West Asian Studies Member
10 Dr.T.V. Zacaria , HOD, Department of Political Science Member
11 Dr.Mohammed Haneefa.P, HOD, Department of Arabic Member
12 Mr. Abdul Muneer V. , HOD, Department of Journalism Member
13 Mr.Askarali. A, HOD, Department of Malayalam Member
14 Mr.Dhanya. P. S, HOD, Department of Hindi Member
15 Dr.V.P Sakeerhussain, HOD, Department of Physical Education Member
16 Mr. Shabab.K.T, HOD, Department of Chemistry Member
17 Mr.Mashoor.K ;HOD, Department of Biotechnology Member
18 Mr.Musthafa.E.P;HOD, Department of Business Administration Member
19 Ms.Haleemath Valappan;HOD, Department of Statistics Member
20 Mr. Mammed.M, Librarian Member
21 Mr. Muhammed Najeeb. P; Associate Professor, Postgraduate Department of Economics Member
Details of Special Duties Assigned to Faculty Members for the Year 2014-15
Sl No. Teacher in charge Duty
1 Mr. Abdul Rasheed. P Staff Advisor
2 Mr. Sherhan R Director, Fine Arts
3 Mr. Jafar Odackal Staff Editor
4 Mr. Hussain V Director Student Advisory Scheme
5 Mr. Askarali. A Coordinator, CSS
6 Mr.Ibrahim Cholakkal Director, Career Guidance and Counseling Center
7 Mr. Jafar Odackal Director, Minority Coaching Center
8 Dr. Zacaria. T.V Director, SC-ST Coaching Center
9 Mr. Shabab. K.T Director, Equal Opportunity Center
10 Mr.Lijesh. R Co-ordinator, Tourism Club
11 Mr. Kamalam Edathil Director, Women Cell
12 Mr.. Mohamed Sadiqu. P.A Director, Student Grievance Redress  Cell
13 Mr. Muhammad Palengara Controller of Examinations
14 Mr.. Jamshad. K Assistant Controller of Exams
15 Mr.. Muhammed Najeeb Secretary, PTA  and Director SAF
16 Mr. Aboobacker Sideeque Co-Ordinator, Bhumitra Club
17 Mr. Firoz K.T Co-Ordinator, Nature Club
18 Prof Abdul Rahman P A  Co-Operative Store
19 Mr. Firoz K.T Co-Ordinator, Student Initiative in Pain Care
20 Mr.. Lalith.S Co-Ordinator Debating Society
21 Mr. Abdurasaque.P.M Secretary, Staff Club
22 Mr.Ynus.P Co-Ordinator, Red Ribbon Club
23 Mr. Muhammed Basheer.N Co-Ordinator Commerce Club
24 Mr.Abdul Rasheed Co-Ordinator Literary Club
25 Mr.Lalith S Co-Ordinator, Movie Club
26 Mr.  Muhammed Ashraf.M Public Information Officer
27 Mr. Muhammed Palengara Convener, Admission Committee
28 Dr.Muhammed Haneefa.P Co-Ordinator, Theater Club
29 Dr. Muhammed Haneefa.P Co-Ordinator, Music Club
30 Mr.Muhammed Palengara Convener, Anti- ragging Committee
31 Dr.Muhammed Haneefa.P Convener, Anti-ragging squad
32 Mr. Usman Co-Ordinator, Center for Students with Special Needs
33 Mr. E, Shamsudheen Director Center for Staff Training
34 Ms. Houlath Co-Ordinator, Total IT Literacy Programme
35 Ms. Danya. S Co-Ordinator, College- University Linkage Programme
36 Mr. Lalith.S Teacher in Charge of Foreign Students
37 Mr. Abdul Rasheed Teacher in Charge of NCC
38 Mr. Shamsudheen.E UGC Center for Entry in Services
39 Mr .Abdurasaque.P.M UGC Center for NET/SET Coaching
40 Mr.Ibrahim Cholackal UGC Center for Civil Service  Coaching
41 Mr. Abdul Rasheed Teacher in charge of  Remedial Coaching
42 Mr. Muhammed Sadiq Teacher in charge of Student Grievances Redress Cell
43 Mr.Firoz. K.T NSS Programme Officer(Unit no .102)
44 Mr. Lalith.S Co-ordinator,  ASAP
45 Mr. Jafar Odackal NSS Programme Officer(Unit no .115)
46 Mr. Muhammed Palengara Teacher in charge of Student Aid Fund
47 Mr. Muhammed Palengara Teacher in charge of Credit Society
48 Mr. Abdul Muneer. V Editor, EMEA News Bulletin
49 Mr. Shamsudheen. E Editor, College Website
50 Mr.Lalith. S Convener, Library Advisory Committee