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E.M.E.A. College of Arts and Science, Kondotti is fast emerging as a resourceful destination for higher studies in Malabar, spreading the fragrance of education in the society. This college is affiliated to University of Calicut. The college offers up-to-date, advanced and job-oriented courses in the vast expanding horizon of humanities, science and technology.

The college is situated at Kumminiparamba in Kondotti, 6 KMs away from Calicut Universiyt, 2 KMs from Calicut International Airport, 18 KMs from Feroke Railway Station, and 32 KMs from Calicut City; with a congenial atmosphere for academic pursuits. The place is ideally suited for the growth and development of educational institutions for higher learning. The institution aims at the over all development of this backward area of Kerala by opening new vistas of opportunities to the future generations, without any discrimination against caste, creed, sex or colour.

The college is run by Ernad Muslim Educational Association, which was formed with the objective of establishing a chain of educational institutions and cultural centres to cater to the needs of educationally and culturally backward section of the community. The college is a stepping stone to realize the objectives envisaged by the Association.

Established on 1st November 1982 as a junior college, it flourished as a post graduate college today.


C.H.Mohammed Koya Saheb

P.Seethi Haji Saheb

Avukader Kutty Naha Saheb

N V Ibrahim Master


The emblem symbolises knowledge, the world in abundance, the panoramic beauty of Kerala and values of life.

On the top of the emblem is a verse from the Holy Qur’an which means “He taught man that which he knew not” (96:5)

The ocean represents life in its totality through which each person journeys, until he reaches his destination under the guidance of beacon light of EMEA. The coconut tree stands for the scenic ambience; the ideal location the campus provides to educational pursuits. Flanking the emblem is the full name of the organization that runs the institution.