College Rules
1. Students are required to help in keeping the class rooms and premises neat and clean.
2. Students should read the notices put upon the notice boards carefully every day and ignorance of any notice thus exhibited will not be accepted as an excuse for failing to comply with.
3. Strict silence needs to be observed in class rooms during working hours.
4. Students should not remain in the class room during free hours as it might disturb other classes during free hours. They may go to the library or reading room.
5. On a member of the staff or any distinguished visitor entering the class room, the students shall rise in respect and remain standing till they are allowed to sit or the former has taken seat.
6. No student shall leave the class before the teacher leaves.
7. The students who are absent without leave for 5 consecutive working days will be removed from the rolls and readmission will be considered only on recommendation from respective heads of the departments after remitting penalty.
8. Ragging is strictly prohibited and may result in fine, suspension, expulsion etc.
9. Students taking part in communal and anti social activities will be severely dealt with. They will not be awarded any scholarships or benefits due to them.
10. Students are prohibited from
a) Entering the class rooms, laboratories, office, staff rooms, etc, except when they are expected to be there.
b) Loitering on Verandahs and Vacant class rooms.
c) Smoking within the college premises.
d) Using mobile phone within the college premises.
  If any incident of Ragging comes to the notice of the Principal, the student concerned shall be given opportunity to explain his part and if his explanation is not found satisfactory, the authority would expel him from the institution.