B.Voc Professional Accounting and Taxation

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Webinar On the topic of *B*. *Voc* *courses*: *Opportunities and Assumptions An open discussion*
Department of B.voc Organizing Webinar On the topic of *B*. *Voc* *courses*: *Opportunities and Assumptions An open discussion*  on 01.06.2021 through Google Meet Mr Robin C Koshi (Assistant Professor and head, Department of B.voc Tourism and Hospitality Management  M.E.S ASMABI College) will be the Resource Person Principal DR.Ibrahim Cholakkal will deliver Principal Address for the function
Career Paths in Taxation ...
  The BVOC Department of Accounting and Taxation, EMEA College of Arts and Science, Kondotty organized an induction programme on Accounting and Taxation on 11th December 2020.