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Department of Statistics

The subject of Statistics  is as old as the human society itself. Its origin can be traced back to the olden days, when it was regarded as the ‘Science of State-craft’. The word Statistics seems to have been derived from the Latin word ‘Status’ which means a ‘Political State’. In ancient times, the government used to collect the information regarding the population and wealth of the country to safeguard itself and provide a basis for introducing new taxes and levies. In Indian, an ancient system of collecting official and administrative statistics existed even more than 2,000 years ago, in particular , during the reign of Chandra Gupta Maurya  (324-300 B.C.). From Kautilya’s Arthashastra, it is known that even before 300 B.C. , a very good system of collecting ‘Vital Statistics’ and registration of births and deaths had done by the state. During Akbar’s reign, (1556-1605 A.D.), Raja Todarmal, the then land and revenue minister , maintained good records of land and agricultural statistics. In modern times, Statistics is viewed not only as a mere device for collecting numerical data, but also as a means of developing sound techniques for their handling and analysis and drawing valid inferences from them.  As such, it is not confined to the affairs of the State, but is intruding constantly into various diversified spheres of life such as social and physical sciences, education, management etc. It is hardly possible to find even a single department of human activity where statistics does not creep in. It has rather become indispensable in all phases of human endeavour. Recent developments in the field of computer technology, have enabled Statistics to integrate the models with  information systems and thus make Statistics a part of decision making procedures of many organizations. The Department of Statistics, EMEA College of Arts and Science caters to the Postgraduate and Undergraduate  courses in Economics, Computer Science and Microbiology.  
Courses Offered

Biostatistics for B.Sc Microbiology

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Complementary Statistics for B.Sc Computer Science

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Statistics for MA Economics

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