B.Voc Professional Accounting and Taxation


 Professional Accounting and Taxation is a 3-year degree course with multiple exits in diploma, advanced diploma, degree level. Accounting and Taxation plays a vital role in the development of any economy. The growth and development of each economy depend on equitable management and multiplication of resources. The course enrich the students knowledge  in the   preparation of financial statements, record business transactions, income tax fil Read More


  • Webinar On the topic of *B*. *Voc* *courses*: *Opportunities and Assumptions An open discussion*

    Department of B.voc Organizing Webinar On the topic of *B*. *Voc* *courses*: *Opportunities and
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  • Career Paths in Taxation & Accounting

      The BVOC Department of Accounting and Taxation, EMEA College of Arts and Science, Kondotty o
    12/16/2020 | Read More

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Enhance the students talent in the field of professional accountant, direct and indirect taxation, managerial skills  and communication skills.

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Help students to acquire skills in preparing Financial Statements, Auditing, Budget Analysis, Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, Direct and Indirect Taxation for higher studies and employment

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