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Build From Home(BFH) is an initiative of TinkerHub
Build From Home(BFH)  is an initiative of TinkerHub. The task assigned was to build a protect within 7 days. There were 4 stacks provided 🔰NodeJS 🔰Python 🔰Flutter 🔰Tensorflow From these stacks the participants can choose any one. There were total 590+ teams participated in BFH and in those 590+, 10 teams participated from EMEA. Projects of 4 teams were accepted. Congratulations to the teams✨🎉🎉
International Webinar on ...
The Department of Computer Science and IT Club, EMEA College of Arts and Science,  Kondotti is organizing an International Webinar on  "Technology Trends and Employability Skills”
National Seminar on Visua...
Vth semester University E...